Mercure Kyoto Station - Luxury hotel - Seasonal Lunch - March

Seasonal Lunch - March

From 24/02/2023 until 30/03/2023

【Seasonal Lunch – March】

March season lunch was making by Japan traditional traditional family day in Japan,
and commonly known as ‘Girl’s day’ and celebrated on 3 March of each year.

Sakura sea bream and quinoa carpaccio salad, and Clam and rapeseed flower soup.
Vegetable spaghetti with shrimp and whitebait, Dersert is yogurt mousse Colored chicks.

You will definitely be satisfied with this course,
which you can only enjoy at Mercure Kyoto Station and feel the “Girl’s day lunch”

【Course Menu】

■Sakura sea bream and quinoa carpaccio

■Clam and rapeseed flower soup

■Shrimp, whitebait, and raw vegetable spaghetti


■Yogurt mousse Colored chicks

■Coffee or tea


¥2,300 / One person

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